Relaxation Workshop

Relaxation Workshop

We all know that rest and the ability to relax is good for maintaining all round health. Yet in today’s busy world of work, finding time and knowing how may be a challenge.

This short series of lunchtime sessions introduces you to some of the most effective ways that you can bring a little more relaxation into your day, overcome the effects of stress and build resilience to what life has to offer.

Week 1 – Calming Your Body

Week 2 – Breathing

Week 3 – Visualising Relaxation

Includes information and techniques on topics such as ‘the importance of nourishing body, mind and soul’, ’breathing to beat stress’ and a ‘top 10 ways to relax’.

Tuesday 7th March

Time: 12.00 - 13.00pm

Venue: MB1015

Cost: free